Plan like a Pro

  1. Know your priorities. We all have lots of projects that need to get done. However, among the list of projects there are a few that will have the biggest impacts and provide the most satisfaction. List all of your projects no matter how big or small and then rank them. While there is no one size fits all ranking system, some projects should receive special consideration. Any project that will improve the safety of your home and family is a must. Additionally, anything that improves the overall value of your property should be strongly considered. Lastly any project that provides additional piece of mind or security is important. Whatever your list, narrow it to one or two of the highest ranking Items. This gives you a plan when meeting with your contractor and will allow you to focus on the decisions regarding the work.

  2. Choose a reputable contractor that has experience with type of projects you wish to pursue. Summit Property Services specializes in roofs, fence and bathroom and kitchen remodels. No company is great at everything, so choose wisely.

  3. Schedule the work when it is convenient for you. Most of us are busy and hope want as few distractions as possible during our day. Choose the best time for you and your family to have the work completed.

  4. Buy local when you can. We all benefit when you purchase services from local businesses. Summit Property Services is locally owned and operated. We are also proud to be veteran owned business.